Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Clean Break

Flight Date: 28Feb2009

Equipment: (Super Cub 1.0 and 2.0)
WX: ~0 / 11mph, Temp ~6-20F
Ground Conditions: 4-5 inches snow
Field: (#1 Field)

Flight Summary

Fight 1 (7min)

Although cold, the conditions are otherwise great for flying on the last day of February. The first flight was with SC1.0. Everything was great- no mishaps. I had 1 flight that lasted about 6 minutes. 1 very nice float-in landing on the fresh snow. I did take off the landing gear as It would just get caught in the snow. The battery I used had a several day old charge and did not last as long as usual.

Clean Break #1:

Flight 2,3 (19min)

Flights 2 and 3 occurred with SC2.0. (Spektrum Electronics). I was once again amazed at how much better SC2.0 handles vs SC1.0 with the stock electronics. I had a direct comparison from flight 1. It is so much better, and enjoyable, that I must say it might be worth upgrading SC1. Alternatively, I may just use 2.0 and keep SC1.0 for backup / spare parts. The Electrifly ESC provides very proportional throttle control with zero glitches. The stock SC esc was glitching as bad as ever today during flight 1. Mid flight, I thought the battery was spent, but it was just the glitching doing its thing.

Both of the flights went well. I did a few loops and once 2 consecutive loops. I took SC2.0 up higher than I ever have given the low wind today.

I'm planning to make a clean break from the stock SC electronics.....

One other item I will note is that I had purchased a 3rd party NiMH battery about 2 weeks ago that is supposed to have more life- being a 1400 mAh. However, I am finding that it does not maintain the thrust throughout the flight and seems to have a slightly less flight duration than the stock battery. So, I probably wouldn't pay the extra $5 next time. The Stock batteries seem to hold just as well and provide superior thrust throughout the flight. The 3rd party battery is a Tenergy 8.4v, 1400mAh battery. It may be that I just obtained a bad one.

Clean Break #2

Flight 4 (5min)

On this flight my 5 year old joined again. It took the last 2 weeks of convincing her, again how cool R.C. Flight is. She joined me, I think, mostly to play in the fresh snow.

Well, In addition to using SC2.0 on the flight, I was also a maiden of sorts- a maiden with LiPo's. Yesterday I received all the way from Hong Kong 3 2200mAh Flightmax 3s Lipos. I was excited to try the new fuel cell.

Well I'll make this fairly brief and comment more about the new fuel cell on the next flight. The winds had picked up considerably since the morning calmness. The winds where gusty and about 11mph according to weather bug. About 5 minutes into the flight I was doing a power on dive and as I made my turn out and around into the wind the wing snapped in half bringing me to the 2nd clean break in this flight series....

SC2.0 literally fell out of the sky! Luckily the 4-6 inches of new snow provided some cushion for the impact. In the end, the damage was a snapped wing and a damaged front cowl.

The Spektrum electronics and the Electrifly esc held up! I was very happy about that. Additionally the new fuel cell is in good shape with now visible damage.

To the hanger for some quick repairs.... 20 minutes of work and the wing was as good as new!

Clean Break #3

Flight 5 (15min)

With the new and improved wing, I had to get out there again one last time. It was a great flight although still a little gusty. I will keep this short and just say. The LiPos was fantastic. The 3rd clean break for this flight series is a break from the NiMH on this SC!

Things I learned from these flights
Confirmed- The Spektrum electronics are a significant step up from SC Stock
The increased power of the LiPos can not be handled by the SC airframe in all situations

Wing -$1.00 (epoxy)
Front Cowl -$3.00


SC 1.0 Cumulative Flights: 15
SC 2.0 Cumulative Flights: 5
Cumulative Hrs: 3.8
Successful Landings: 28
SC Maintenance / Repairs* ~$51

*Cost to replace items broken in flight

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  1. I took mine out when I was REALLY itching to fly on a winter day on a MN lake. Winds were VERY high. Take off, fly into the wind, struggle, and as soon as I turned downwind, I was cartwheeling in the air. Then cartwheeling on the ice. Snapped her in half. That night used epoxy to fix her up and she flew again in the spring! Wish I had upgraded batteries, wheels, etc. I am still stock, too cheap to upgrade.