Saturday, June 27, 2009

First Shot at AP

I have had some great flights in the last couple of weeks. Most of them have occurred during the early mornings on the weekends. Last weekend I tried strapping my old digital Camrera to the SC 2.0. I simply used the rubber bands that hold the wing on to seccure the camera to the top of the plane. Well, I had a very difficult time getting the plane off of the ground and the landings where hard. The above video will give you a feel for how it went. I would like to get some nice shots and video from the air, so I am looking into a good AP plane that can actually carry the payload. More to come...

Also, I had a bad crash on the F4u. The F4U flies nice, but at times it is difficult to tell which way it is heading due to the dark colors of the fuselage. Long story short... nose dive. I bought a new cowl and need to do a little work to get her back in the air.

Here are my stats to date:

Parkzone F4U Corsair Stats
F4U Cumulative Flights: 11
Cumulative Hrs: 2.8 hr
successful Landings: 33
Maintenance / Repairs ~$8

SuperCub Stats
SC 1.0 Cumulative Flights: 15
SC 2.0 Cumulative Flights: 25

Total: 40
Cumulative Hrs: 8.9
successful Landings: 94
Maintenance / Repairs* ~$54.5

Parkzone T-28 Stats
T-28 Cumulative flights: 31
Cumulative Hrs: 9.6
successful Landings: 137
Maintenance / Repairs* ~$19