Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to the Hanger

Flight Date: 28March2009

Equipment: (Parkzone T-28 Trojan)
WX: ~5mph, Temp ~40 F
Ground Conditions: Almost all snow melted- wet field
Field: (#1,2 )

Flight Summary

Flight 1 (~20 minutes) and Flight 2 (~20 min)

Great first flight in the early afternoon. The whole family came to watch. It was a little cold however, and the Kids had a hard time staying entertained by the plan. I was able to make a 1 ok and 1 nice landing.

Flight number 2 was solo. I had a great flight, but the last landing was hard and I had a minor breakage on the nose landing gear. I have inspected it and it will be easy to fix- but the plane is currently in the hanger until I find 5-10 minutes.

I continue to love flying this plane!

Flight Dates: 29March2009

Equipment: (Super Cub 2.1 – Ailerons – LiPo Battery)
WX: ~5 mph, Temp ~35 F
Ground Conditions: grass
Field: (#1 )

Flight Summary

Flight 1 (~16 minutes)

The wind was fairly low. I was practicing gentle turns and things where going well. About 16 minutes into the flight I lost perspective of the plant- thought it was flying towards me and it was flying away. The end result was a nose-dive landing. I broke a prob and the front fuselage is a little more cracked than it was. SC 2.0 is also grounded until I can find about 15 minutes to do the fixes.

Things I learned from these flights
Wind above 15 mph really makes the SC difficult to fly. Both aileron and non-aileron wings where impacted severely by the gusts. Not really a new learning- rather a re-learning. (I didn't realize the gusts where at greater than 20mph until I checked weatherbug)

SC 2.0- Broken Prop- $3.50
T-28- Front landing gear plastic broken

SC 1.0 Cumulative Flights: 15
SC 2.0 Cumulative Flights:
Total: 33
Cumulative Hrs: 7.6
successful Landings: 68
SC Maintenance / Repairs* ~$54.50

T-28 Cumulative flights 9
Cumulative Hrs: 2.6
successful Landings: 16
T-28 Trojan
Maintenance / Repairs* ~$0

*Cost to replace items broken in flight

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