Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T-28 Trojan Re-Make

Flight Dates: 03,09,10 May 2009

Equipment: (T-28 Trojan)
WX: Wind 5 mph, Temp ~50 F
Ground Conditions: grass

Field: (#1 )

I had a couple of great flights in very nice- almost still- wind conditions. I was enjoying my newly repaired T-28 which was fully rehabilitated from a wing separation that occurred the prior week. Unfortunately towards the end of the 2nd flight I had a similar event to the prior week- only worse.

I was executing a low pass at full throttle to see how fast the plane looked at WOT. As the plane was coming towards me I lost control and it crashed into the ground at near full throttle. The opening pictures is a recreation of the crash sight. The following carnage resulted from the disaster:

  • Canopy popped off- pilot tried to eject!

  • Front cowl separated from the fuselage along with the motor

  • Severe damage to the tail section

  • Separation of the wings from the fuselage

  • Bent push rod for front gear and Bent prop

The remarkable thing is that I was able to re-make the T-28 with only a little patience and new tubes of Devcon 2-part Epoxy.

I had to take the gluing in steps to get it right, but all in all it came out well. I did drop the steerable front gear since the front push rod was bent very badly. I don't really use the steerable gear since it doesn't work well in grass. Usually I hand launch the plane.

Here is a shot of the re-make, good as new-- almost!

Post crash I have flown the T-28 3 flights and about 55 minutes. It still flies well. It was a little gusty so I will reserve final judgment on the success of the fixes. Currently all systems are go! I made about 10 touch and goes on the 3rd flight. Lots of fun!

SC 1.0 Cumulative Flights: 15
SC 2.0 Cumulative Flights: 21

Total: 36
Cumulative Hrs: 8.3
successful Landings: 80
SC Maintenance / Repairs* ~$54.5

T-28 Cumulative flights 22
Cumulative Hrs: 6.2
successful Landings: 55
T-28 Trojan
Maintenance / Repairs* ~$19

*Cost to replace items broken in flight

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