Monday, May 18, 2009

Maiden Flight Parkzone F4U Corsair

Flight Dates: 16,17 May 2009

Equipment: (F4U Corsair)
WX: Wind 5 mph, Temp ~65 F
Ground Conditions: grass
Field: (#1 )

I picked up a new plane a couple of weeks ago- the Parkzone F4U Corsair. I struggled deciding between this plane and the E-flite Mini Pulse XT. The reason being that I knew the F4U would be similar in flight characteristics to the T-28 Trojan. The deciding factor was partly cost but also the fact that I seem to keep breaking the T-28 despite being relativity competent behind the sticks. The styro-models are tough and easy to fix. I fear a balsa plane may get destroyed too quickly.

The first flight was a quick one around the field on the evening of the 16th. It was getting dark, but I wanted to try the plane out. It flew pretty well and predictable. Although it seemed to turn a little strange. I landed and realized the ruder was reversed!

The following morning I got a lot more flying time with the plane. It is another fantastic flier. With the ruder functioning correctly the plane turns very nicely! There where a few times during my flight, when the plane past in front of a wisp of clouds and the early morning moon in the background, that I could have sworn the real thing was passing high over head. The planes looks very nice in the air.

The Plane turns very well and has predictable flying characteristics. I feel it has very similar flying characteristics to the T-28. In terms of maneuverability I give the F4U a slight edge. I was able to pull of a couple of nice tight rolls which I find harder to do do with the T-28.

I find this plane actually easier to land than the T-28. I think this has mostly to do with the type of gear. The F4U is a tail-dragger and for some reason I find it easier to land conventional gear. I had about 12 very nice landings during my flights on to the packed earth around the base ball diamond. I had a blast flying the pattern with this little war bird.

The F4U is similar to the T-28 but different enough in styling and landing characteristics to make it worth having both. Besides it is good to have a back up when one is in the hanger being repaired! The only damage on these flights was a propeller due to a hasty take off attempt.

Parkzone F4U Corsair Stats
F4U Cumulative Flights: 4
Cumulative Hrs: 0.9 hr
successful Landings: 12
Maintenance / Repairs ~$3

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  1. Nice Write up AND cool plane!