Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here is a picture of SC (also know as Rain as named by my 5 year old). I wanted to point out a recommended upgrade and that is the wheels on the landing gear. I believe this is a requirement if you are going to be landing on rough grass, snow or ice. I installed these wheels after the first day of flying.

The stock wheels are a little over an inch in diameter and the new wheels that I have put on are 2.5 inches in diameter. I find that the larger wheel roll well on rough terrain. The cost was ~$6.50

I picked up this and other tips off a nice youtube video series by NeCubFlyer. The pilot that put these videos together has a wealth of knowledge related to the Super Cub.

Also, I wanted to point out my battery box fix- which is what I fondly call red airplane tape. So far the tape is holding up as is the battery box. I'll admit that this is not the most aesthetic solution but it fits with my primary intent which is to use the SC flying platform to get up the learning curve of RC flight efficiently- as quickly as one can in the middle of a MN winter.

I have added the cost of wheels to the running stats:

Cumulative Flights: 14
Cumulative Hrs: 2.7
Successful Landings: 22
$ to date: $202

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