Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope

Date: 14Feb2009


Equipment: (Super Cub- Stock Plane and Electronics)
WX: Windy ~15mph at altitude Temp ~20F
Ground Conditions: Snow 1 inch with visible ground
Field: (large Soccer / Baseball Field)

Flight Summary
I was able to sneak out on Valentines day for a couple of quick flights. It was a solo, as there as no one else was interested in experiencing all this fun at the cost of standing in an icy field in 20 degree weather.

It was still a little windy, but I was determined to gain some stick time. The title says it all in that these two flight did give me a glimmer of hope. I still had my share of landing-gear-bending moments, but I also experienced some steady flying and was able to execute some circular patterns at a steady altitude.

The 2 main keys to my new-found success was that I worked on the trim of the plane and did my best to keep the stick movements minor.

I was able to capture a few moments of real piloting and it was way better than the SIM.

Things I learned from these flights
A trimmed plane is a happy plane
Minor adjustments allows the plan to fly
A little Red Tape works miracles


Cumulative Flights: 6
Cumulative Hrs: 0.6
Successful Landings: 0
$ to date: $184

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  1. In my early flights, there didn't seem to be enough power. It was because I wasn't flying straight enough for long enough, and the battery was never warm/charged enough...